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Engineered Custom Packaging Solutions
When we receive a project to work on it typically goes through the following steps:


We pride ourselves in being objective consultants with each new project. We can help determine what material(s) best suits your needs. If we feel we cannot deliver a finished product that meets your expectations with our materials and processes, we will suggest another direction for your project, even if it is not with LeverPack.

Determine Project Specifics

Project specifics are reviewed including: a clear understanding how the part will be used, critical design elements, what materials will be used, how the product will be manufactured, quality requirements and projected volumes etc.

Design Concepts

We will create conceptual designs called Development Drawings. This is a collaborative process between the customer and our engineering and sales teams.

Prototype Tooling

LeverPack has a number of different prototyping options available depending on the manufacturing method used to produce the part. This includes, steel rule dies, punch dies and printing plates.

Samples, & First Article Approval

Once the prototype tool is complete we are ready to manufacture samples. The samples are either submitted to the client for evaluation and testing and to ensure the samples meet the design intent.

Design Finalization

Once the samples have been approved and an order is placed for production tooling and parts, we are ready to manufacture production tooling.

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